Showcasing INTERWEAVE, the graduating architectural project of Matt Stevenson, a recent architectural graduate of Master of Architecture at the University of South Australia.


INTERWEAVE explores the symbiotic relationship between human and non-human animals, asking questions about our everyday interaction with animals. Mapping individual life experiences expressed as movement lines sketched along a metaphorical landscape INTERWEAVE explores the effect at points of intensity where intersection occurs. As experiences start to merge and intersect interruption occurs. The project seeks meaning at the interval, allowing detours to develop.
Expressing the lines with volume and fullness a visceral and corporeal form emerges. Manifest as an architectural gesture the body becomes its own entity, a vessel for its parts and a life force for mutual existence and shared communal experience.
interweave-optoSo…what is it? What is this monstrous and visceral beast?


It’s not a normal zoo but a ‘Future Zoo’ that explores the symbiotic relationship between human and non-human animals. It looks at what interspecies experiences could be like and places it within an urban setting. Using contextual research it builds a conceptual form that evolves as a result of the creative process and the freedom of an idea.
resize-section-3resize-section-1resize-section-2A series of sectional perspectives revealing the spacial relationships within the INTERWEAVE project.



Located at the junction of Adelaide’s Torrens River and Main South Rd the site incorporates the existing linear park with commercial, industrial and residential zones; linking the disconnected parts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slideshow of a series of Cutaway Plan Perspectives slicing through the layers of steel and concrete.
Rendered 3D visualisation of the INTERWEAVE project. Looking at moulded and formed concrete combined with expressive steel structure and unique glazing.


Unpacking some of the conceptual thinking behind the INTERWEAVE project.








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