TREE TOWER-Roxby Downs


Set in far outback South Australia the Roxby Downs TREE TOWER project explores the complexities of integrating the FIFO (fly-in/fly-out) miners with the broader local community. Looking at potential town expansion and development, the TREE TOWER employs a centralised approach of higher density accommodation options close to the town centre. The scheme is highly utopian and quite surreal but the underlying themes of community and social harmony are at the core of this response to the towns major concerns.


A lot of fun was had with this project as it allowed me to use Autodesk Revit for time in design studio. There was also an opportunity to explore ‘the fantastical’ as an architectural tool. Expanding on the imaginative nature of this scheme references to other worlds in the realm of science fiction were made in relation to the isolated nature of the location. The idea of an urban type tower set in an isolated town within the Australian outback seems quite far fetched but the aim is to provide reference to the also extreme underworld of the Olympics Dam underground mine system. The dark underground city of roads and pathways is contrasted by the compression and release of the TREE TOWER as it reaches into the heavens and gives ocular freedom to the occupant.
3D visualisations explore the various levels of public, semi-public and private spaces within the tower.  These allow the occupants to build a sense of community and social integration while at the same time providing opportunity for retreat into comfort of the individual private realm.
A number of programmatic options are offered starting at ground/subterranian level integrating a commercial zone of cafe, retail with the external plaza. Level 1 offers extension to the ground level with a bar that breaks through the sand dune and sits nestled within a classic desert landscape. The upper tower residential levels offer a selection of 2-4 bedroom apartment options, allowing for diversity in the potential occupants. Finally the roof top garden becomes an extended backyard where residents can share in the process of growing their own food.


The sectional perspective shows the structural web of the connected core within the internal atrium that expands outward to the residential pods hanging out over the township and the desert. The structural system, sitting in the realm of science fiction, uses balance to centralise the extreme cantilever of the pod arms.


Evolution of Organic Turbulence unpacks the conceptual thinking behind the movement pathways that allow for a diverse connection of opportunities and results in an organic form.

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